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Another night spent staring at a blank page while my mind bounces incoherently from thought to thought.
I should be doing homework.
I could be cleaning.
I want to shoot a roll of film for the show.
I need to write my essay.
Weaving an intricate web from one thing to the next in a never ending downward spiral into procrastination and eventually insanity.
Sleep is overrated!
The ever repetitive cycle of scatter-brained thoughts turning into the creeping fears that overpower any glimpse of happiness leaving me to jolt awake too terrified to go back to sleep, afraid of what the paranoia holds.
The darkness beckons within my mind, tempting me into the abyss of depression as the euphoria of mania dances around me in and out of reach.
I am trapped inside my dysfunctional mind brimming with contradictions.
An elated sense of self full of energy and life prances by the bleakness and emptiness of my depression.
Having a mental state of manic highs followed by the depressing lows.
Not in my mind!
Let's combine the two! Polar opposites all at once!
This is not what the doctor explained it to be!
Can anything save me from my own mind?

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Gorgeous photography.
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